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St. Clements - KLIMENTSKÁ 5, NOVÉ MĚSTO, PRAGUE 1 - FREE - see map

Úterý 10. září 2024 19:30h
Tuesday, September 10

Prague Modern
Call for Scores (expired)

Prague Modern

Prague Modern has been hailed by music journalists as "the best Czech ensemble for new music“. It is ensemble of flexible size comprised of the cream of Czech instrumentalists.

Prague Modern is unique on the concert podiums/scene in the Czech Republic – the ensemble exudes both the youthful enthusiasm and the professionalism when performing contemporary music in solo recitals, chamber music concerts or smaller orchestra works.

Prague Modern has performed at prestigious new music festivals such as Contempuls Prague (repeatedly), MusicOlomouc, Prague Premieres, also at the classic Prague Spring Festival (Czech Republic), Musica Strasbourg, Festival international de musique Besancon, Les musicales de Quiberon (all France), Poznańska wiosna muzyczna (Poland) or Cafe Budapest (Hungary). Prague Modern also toured France, Romania, Slovakia and Turkey where their members also gave workshops on new music interpretation at local  universities. Furthermore, PM under the baton of Pascal Gallois had recorded several successful CDs for the Italian label Stradivarius featuring music of Luciano Berio, Pierre Boulez, Dai Fujikura, Gérard Grisey, Fabien Lévy and Arnold Schoenberg. The CD introducing the work of British composer Dai Fujikura was awared "Coup de cour 2004" in the field of new music by the famous French Academie Charles Cros. Prague Modern is regularly collaborating with conductors such as Michel Swierczewski, Pascal Gallois, Baldur Brönnimann, Roland Kluttig or Marián Lejava. Their repertoire includes the works of international avantgarde composers as well as the music of Czech contemporary composers.

Prague Modern has been open to in-between-the-art-fields and multimedia cooperations with acclaimed artists such as Jan Švankmajer (film), Kateřina Vincourová, Markéta Othová (visual art) or actress Fanny Ardant with whom they presented the Czech premiere of Cassandre, a spoken opera by Michael Jarrell and others.

Prague Modern was established by the conductor Michel Swierczewski in 2008 on the ground of the Prague Philharmonia. Since 2009 PM has functioned as a NGO with David Danel as Artistic Leader.

Středa 11. září 2024 19:30h
Wednesday, September 11

Martin Zetová

Martin Zetová
 (Libušin) is known for connecting personal and political thematic levels in his artwork. His work is characterized by a departure from a static understanding of art and the use of his own language, which allows him to influence time in his performances and installations through metaphors and similes. In the performance "Czech Collection of the 20th Century", for example, Zet processed portraits of Czech monarchs and presidents into one image, reflecting on time, the continuity of stereotypes and memory. | Martin was born on September 11, 1959 in Prague into a family with artistic roots. His mother a dancer specializing in traditional folk dances, his father the sculptor Miloš Zet In the period of1979-85, Martin studied sculpture at the Academy of Fine Arts in Prague, where he was shaped by artists like Jiří Bradáček and Jan Hána. After completing his studies, Zet devoted himself to various forms of artistic expression including performance, sculpture, drawing, photography, video, happenings, and creation of author's books. After completing his art education, Zet settled in Libušín, where in 1998 he founded the Libušín Center for Contemporary Art. Martin Zet worked from 2010–2017 as the head of the Video Studio at the Faculty of Fine Arts of the BUT in Brno. In 2013, he was presented the Artist má cena prize, awarded by young visual artists, critics and theorists for inspirational personalities of the older generation.

Echofluxx, started in 2011, is an annual festival of new media with an emphasis on experimental music, sound art, theatre and film. The festivals are rooted in the interplay of risk-taking and self actualization, a resistance to media specificity in art and the mindfulness of Cage. Echofluxx evolved out of the international fluxus movement and the University of Illinois-Urbana, USA, in the 70's where collaborating composers emerged working graphically, sculpturally, in dance, theatre, film and clay, and then through a natural post-graduate diaspora, to produce sundry artifacts, organizations, performances and festivals world-wide, the sum of which increases to this day. Echofluxx was cofounded by the current DIrector, Dan Senn and Anja Kaufmann. This year's festival is produced by Dan Senn and David Danel.

The bell tower of the 1300 year old St Clements.
Čtvrtec 12. září 2024 19:30h
Thursday, September 12

Annabelle Plum +
Vítová + Káťa Vacková
Ramin Akhavijou

KlangWesen is a project of three female musicians, mostly active in the experimental jazz scene. The original duo Annabelle Plum & Žaneta Vítová ( voice/ accordion) are now joined by Kateřina Vacková (double bass) and thus reincarnated into the band KlangWesen.

KlangWesen Ensemble (click to enlarge)
Their work is full of sonic colour, meandering between everyday mundanity and intense emotionality. Composed parts merge with spheres of free improvisation, where inspirations from the European musical tradition and the roots of world music come to the surface. Singer Annabelle Plum uses her voice ranging from soprano to massive contralto in a wide range of colourations and extended techniques, accordionist Žaneta Vítová draws inspiration from free jazz and contemporary music, and double bassist and singer Kateřina Vacková brings experience from swing music and free improvisation. Their live performances together draw the listener into an unknown world where feminine fragility combines with unbridled vivacity.
Singer Annabelle Plum uses her voice ranging from soprano to massive contralto depths in a wide range of colours.

Accordionist Žaneta Vítová is rooted in jazz and contemporary music.
Outside of this project
 Annabelle and Žaneta enjoy their own soloist careers, performing with renowned orchestras and ensembles in the Czech Republic and beyond. Together, their captivating live performances draw audiences into unknown worlds where feminine fragility and unchained roughness coexist in harmony.

Kateřina Vacková is a double bassist and singer working on the border between pop, classical music and jazz. She is part of Metastava, Uthando, Blue Oyster Court and At Ease, all characterized by a colorful and imaginative repertoire drawing on jazz, classical and avant-garde music.
Koncert spolupořádá NEIRO Association for Expanding Arts z.s. s podporou Ministerstva kultury ČR a hlavního města Prahy. This concert is co-organized by the NEIRO Association for Expanding Arts z.s. with the support of the Ministry of Culture of the Czech Republic
and the City of Prague.

Ramin Akhavijou,
from Iran by way of the University of Pittsburgh, uses technology to generate and manipulate sounds using tech leading him to new compositional approaches. "While composing, I balance the connections formed between my musical habits and the technological tools available to me. This balanced interaction is what differs between my approaches to acoustic and electronic composition." Ramin confronts sound and time with differing notions of distance and coordination, characteristics embedded in his electronic music. "During my compositional process, I navigate textures, rhythmic frames, and embedded sounds within varying virtual acousmatic distances. From this vast array of options in creating sound structures, I’ve, ironically, come to kinds of repetition as structures within my electronic work."