3. až 6. května 2017 od 19:30 hodin v Paralelní Polis, Dělnická 43, Praha 7 map
An international film, music and dance festival featuring Prague's Opening Performance Orchestra (OPO) and Ensemble Terrible, the dance percussion duo from New York City
Susan Hefner and Michael Evans, flute virtuoso Camilla Hoitenga from Cologne with Prague Flutist Lenka Kozderková, the Echofluxx Ensemble directed by David Means,
and a nightly slate of great new short experimental films from around the world.


Festival Schedule

, May 3:
International Film Festival with works by Jean-René Leblanc and Andy Dinh, Maximilian Marcoll, Kevin Schwenkler, Wil Pertz, Jing Wang and Harvey Goldman; Opening Performance Orchestra (Prague); Presentations start on 3rd floor at 19:30h. Program pdf

Thursday, May 4: International Film Festival with works by Albert Bayona and Isandro Ojeda-García, Ana Paola Santillán Alcocer, Tine Surel Lange, Charles Nichols and Jay Bruns, Naren Wilks and Peder Barratt-Due; Susan Hefner and Michael Evans dance and percussion (New York); Presentations start on 3rd floor at 19:30h. Program pdf

Friday, May 5
: International Film Festival with works by Carson Rennekamp, James Cathey, David Jason Snow, Elisabeth Ajtay, and Joăo Pedro Oliveira; Ensemble Terrible see program-> (Prague). Presentations start on 3rd floor at 19:30h. Program pdf

Saturday, May 6: International Film Festival with works Brigid Burke, Cristobal Catalan, and Gabrielle Abbott; Echofluxx Ensemble directed by David Means; Camilla Hoitenga (Köln) with guest Lenka Kozderková (Czech); Presentations start on 3rd floor at 19:30h. Program pdf

3. května:
Mezinárodní filmový festival s pracemi Jean-René Leblanc a Andy Dinh, Maximilian Marcoll, Kevin Schwenkler, Wil Pertz, Jing Wang a Harvey Goldman; Opening Performance Orchestra (Praha); Prezentace začít ve 3. patře ve 19:30h.

Čtvrtek 4.května: Mezinárodní filmový festival s pracemi Albert Bayona, Ana Paola Santillán Alcocer, Tine Surel Lange, Charles Nichols a Jay Bruns, Naren Wilks a Peder Barratt-Due; Susan Hefner a Michael Evans, tanec a zvuk, (New York); Prezentace začít ve 3. patře ve

Pátku 5 květen:
Mezinárodní filmový festival s pracemi Carson Rennekamp, James Cathey, David Jason Snow, Elisabeth Ajtayova a Joăo Pedro Oliveira; Ensemble Terrible (Praha); Prezentace začít ve 3. patře ve 19:30h.

Sobota 6 květen: Mezinárodní filmový festival s prací Brigida Birkova, Cristobal Catalan, Gabrielle Abbottova a Dana Senna; Echofluxx Ensemble s Davidem Meansa; Camilla Hoitengová (Německo); Prezentace začít ve 3. patře ve 19:30h.

Echofluxx 17 Description

Echofluxx 17
is a festival of new media, visual art, and experimental music produced by Efemera of Prague. This year it will again present international and Czech performers in a four-day festival at Paralelní Polis in Prague, May 3-6, 2017.

Echofluxx 17 je festival nových médií, vizuálního umění a experimentální hudby produkované Efemera Prahy. Letos se opět představí mezinárodní i české interprety v čtyřdenním festivalem v Paralelní Polis v Praze, květen 2017 3-6.

Festival Concept
The echo of the fluxus movement resonates in this time—an ongoing hedge against the exclusivity of discipline-specific art and music. Echofluxx 17, a festival of new media, art and music, presents a spectrum of new art and music, from experimental film and poetry, to experimental music and art. It uses an organic curatorial method, with artists suggesting artists who would like to present with other artists, and so on. The festival is made possible with the assistance of volunteer help and in-kind support.

Ozvěna Fluxus pohybu rezonuje v tomto časovém o probíhající zajištění proti exkluzivity disciplíny-specifické umění a hudby. Echofluxx 17, festival nových médií, umění a hudby, představuje spektrum nového umění a hudby, od experimentálního filmu a poezie až po experimentální hudbu a umění. Využívá organické kurátorský metodu, s umělci, což naznačuje, umělce, kteří by chtěli prezentovat s dalšími umělci, a tak dále. Festival je možné s pomocí dobrovolníků pomoc a in-laskavou podporu.

The banner at the top of this page is from a larger work by composer, performer and visual artist Brigid Burke of Melbourne, Australia.

Still from Wang & Goldman's "Sky Pacers" film.

Click photos to enlarge.

Jean-René Leblanc is an Associate professor of digital arts at the University of Calgary in Canada. He is president of the board of Emmedia Gallery and Production Society and co-founder of the Sensorium Lab a cross-disciplinary research group focusing on research that develops systems of interaction that encourage kinesthetic perception and interpretation. He was born in Montréal in 1967, and attended Concordia University, which he left in 1993 with a Bachelor in Studio Arts. In 1996, he graduated from the University of Windsor Ontario with a Masters of Fine Art in Multimedia and Photography and in 2006, completed a PhD in study and practice of art from the Université du Québec ŕ Montréal. His artworks have ben presented in exhibitions in Canada, the United States of America, Europe, Asia and Australia.

Andy Van Dinh was born in Medicine Hat and raised in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. He graduated with a BFA at the University of Calgary, and is currently enrolled in the MFA program at Hunter College in New York City, USA. His artworks have been selected to be included in exhibitions internationally and include a special commission for Nike’s 25th anniversary of the Air Max ’95 shoes.

Maximilian Marcoll (*1981) studied percussion, instrumental and electronic composition in Lübeck and Essen, Germany. In his work he focuses on the political potential of music and sound. M.Marcoll is a member of the artist group stock11. He lives and teaches in Berlin.xxx xxxxxxxxx xxxx xxx xxxx

Growing up, Kevin Schwenkler read music before words. He sang in church choir and was trained on the piano from an early age. This training was probably his most formative; much of his work as a composer stems from piano improvisation. As a teenager, Kevin trained on the clarinet, cello, and as a baritone. As much as his pieces explicitly reference all this classical training, they also reference his studies in mathematics, physics, and pedagogy. He pursued these in addition to music while getting his Bachelors at Hampshire College. During this time, he began to see a common thread of openness, experimentation, and subversion running through all compositional and performance practice. It is this thread which he wishes to continue to elaborate.

Wil Pertz is an American freelance composer currently
residing and performing in South Korea. His music seeks to push the limits of expectation by mixing elements of tradition in classical music with current forms of technology. Much of his music falls into the category of ‘moment form’ and tends to blur the line between departure and arrival that is so common in musics of the past. In this way, the music may be considered to be a journey in time and space, where each moment of the journey is undifferentiated from the previous or next moment.

Harvey Goldman has created critically acclaimed work in the fields of ceramics, digital imaging, animation and music. He is founder of the Digital Media program at the University of Massachusetts Dartmouth. His work has been exhibited widely throughout the United States, Europe and Asia. He has received grants from the National Endowment for the Arts, The Ford Foundation and the Massachusetts Council on the Arts and Humanities. Goldman's work is included in numerous private and public collections including the Iota Center for Visual Music, Boston Museum of Fine Arts, Everson Museum of Art, Decordova Museum, Currier Museum of Art, and the Crocker Art Museum. His animations have been screened throughout the world including, the Smithsonian's Hirshhon Museum, the Corcoran Gallery of Art and the White Box Museum, Beijing, China. His interests include gardening, storytelling, world music, sound exploration, language development, writing systems and basketball. He resides in Dartmouth, Massachusetts with his wife and fellow artist, Deborah Coolidge.

Jing Wang, a composer and virtuoso erhu artist, was born in China. Ms. Wang has participated in numerous musical communities, as a composer and a performer of diverse styles of music. Her compositions have been selected and presented in China, Spain, France, Italy, Serbia, Turkey, Romania, Russia, Australia, Japan, Argentina, and throughout the United States. They have also been recognized by the American Society of Composers, Authors, and Publishers and Electro-acoustic Miniatures International Contest Spain. She was the winner of 2006 Pauline Oliveros Prize given by the International Alliance for Women in Music and has been awarded the MacDowell Colony Fellowship, the Vilcek Foundation Fellowship, and the Omi International Musicians Residency Fellowship. As an active erhu performer,
she has introduced the Chinese indigenous erhu into Western contemporary music scene with her wide array of compositions for chamber ensemble, avant-garde jazz improvisations and multicultural ensembles. She has also successfully performed erhu concertos with several symphony orchestras in the United States. Ms. Wang is currently an Assistant Professor of Music at the University of Massachusetts Dartmouth where she teaches electroacoustic music, composition, and music theory.

Still from Lange's "Sunset Rising" film.

Tine Surel Lange is a Danish/Norwegian composer, artist and performer based in Henningsvćr, Lofoten Islands, Norway. "I work with the surrounding world both thematic and as material. In a time where we are constantly surrounded by sound, have we forgotten how to listen? With my art I want to make people listen, with the hope that we through listening get more in contact with and care more about our surroundings and the changes happening. My works range from compositions for solo-instruments or ensemble with/without live-electronics to electro-acoustic pieces (live-electronics, soundscape composition, installation, ambisonics, etc), to performances. Most pieces are audiovisual, and there is always a strong focus on the live-experience. My pieces have been performed at festivals like Borealis, Nordic Music Days, UNM, Druskomanija, Darmstadt International Summer Course, and in all of the Nordic countries, Lithuania, Germany, France, Russia and Canada." In Tine's contribution to Echofluxx, she is collaborating with visual and graffiti artist Sofus E. Vrebalovich from Norway.
Cristobal Catalan
is an award winning visualist, lecturer, researcher and artistic director. Working principally in theatre, film and photography, Cristobal's research and artistic interests look into issues of voyeurism, perspective, ethnography, medicine, emerging and new technology. Cristobal's works have been screened and exhibited widely in academic, art and commercial contexts, including MOMA, BBC, MTV, Canal+ and the Sky Arts Channel. His works have also been selected for numerous international film festivals, including London Soho Rushes, the International Film Festival of Cinematic Art and the London Spanish Film Festival. He is on the board of the Asia Ethnographic Film Festival and is published widely in both peer reviewed academic and commercial contexts, including the Lancet Medical Journal, Bright Lights Film Journal, The Guardian, Washington Post, South East Asian Studies Journal and the Financial Times. He has also chaired and curated events on intercultural mental health and technology at LSE and the University of London. Earlier in 2016 Cristobal conceptualised and co-curated the Youmanity Photography Competition in conjunction with the European Commission and the Royal Photography Society. He also co-paneled the Breaking the Chains 'Mental health in Asia' conference at the University of London with Dr Niall Boyce and Professor Simon Dein in Spring 2016.“

Martin Klusák is a young composer and sound artist based in Prague, Czech Republic, and currently is an MA degree student of composition at the Academy of Performing Arts in Prague. Having started as a film score composer and sound designer, he gradually became focused on concert and experimental works. Symbolism and inspiration in film speech are often the common aspects of his compositions. So far he has cooperated with major Czech musical formations and productions (BERG new music orchestra, Prague Philharmonic Choir, Czech Radio, etc.) and his pieces have been performed in the UK, France, Germany, and other European countries, as well as in the United States. His projects suceeded in a range of competitions, such as selection of Phonurgia Nova Awards 2016 in Paris, first prizes of the Prague Philharmonic Choir’s competition (Prague, 2012) and of “Generace” - competition of the Janáček May Festival for young composers of the Visegrad countries (Ostrava, 2014), awards for the best Czech electroacoustic compositions in the Musica Nova Competition (Prague, 2011, 2014), the audience prize in the Berg Orchestra’s competition (Prague, 2013), and other. Films with his original scores have been screened at major film festivals around the world, such as most recently at the Quinzaine des réalizateurs in Cannes (Happy End, dir. Jan Saska, 2016). Currently he researches the audiovisual counterpoint and possible links and crossovers between musical composition and film. He is also a co-founder of Topos Kolektiv - a project that researches site-specific approaches to music. In August 2016, the Electronmusikstudion (EMS) in Stockholm was having Martin on an artistic residency, and in September 2016 his project Topos Kolektiv was invited to perform at the Neu Now festival for emerging artists in Amsterdam.

Matouš Hejl is the composer of mostly instrumental and electronic music. He has participated in a number of theater, dance and other performances (Jatka78, Meetfactory, Alfred ve dvoře etc.) as well as multimedia projects. His film debut with Lost in Munich brought him a nomination for the Czech Lion for Best Music. The artist's website,

Jakub Rataj is a Czech composer of orchestral, chamber and electro-acoustic music. His work includes interactive sound installations and performances inspired by the human body, movement, breath, pulse and gesture. Jakub is a member of O.E.M. ARTS – a Czech art group comprising of and connecting contemporary artists from the fields of sound performance, animation, and light design – where he’s playing electric guitar and processing sound by using sensors.  His compositions have been performed on many concerts and festivals (France, Japan, Russia, Sweden, Austria ao.), he was commissioned by ensembles such as Orchestr Berg, Prague Modern, MoEns and has worked with Kifu Mitsuhashi, Pamelia Kurstin, Pierre Strauch, David Danel and many other outstanding musicians, various choreographers, film directors etc. He worked with Jihočeská Filharmonie, Filharmonie Pardubice, Soloist NNovgorog. Jakub won various prizes for his compositions (among others the main prize Nuberg in 2014 and 2015) and was selected for artistic residencies (Czech Centre: 2014 - Wien, 2015 - Madrid). In 2013-2014 he studied composition and new technology with Luis Naon at the Conservatoire National Supérieur de Musique et de Danse de Paris where he also had the chance to take classes with Frédéric Durieux, Yan Maresz, Oriol Saladriguez, Tom Mays, Yan Geslin and Claude Ledoux. Jakub was selected by the teachers of new technologies at CNSMDP to take part at the Journées Nationales de la Musique Electroacoustique in Chalon sur Saone in 2014. Jakub participated in the ISA Academy, where he studied with Isabel Mundry and other outstanding musicians. In the Czech Republic, he studied composition with Hanuš Bartoň (2010-15) at the Academy of Performing Arts in Prague where he started his Phd studies this year with Luboš Mrkvička. In 2015 he started to work as sound designer and musical director in the Czech Radio (Český Rozhlas). In the same year he founded Ensemble Terrible - an ensemble of young musicians based at the Academy of Performing Arts in Prague. With this ensemble Jakub organizes concerts to open the gates of the academy and the new generation of composers towards the public. Here is Jakub's website.

Anton Ždanovič is a Belarusian and Czech player of marimba and percussion instruments. He graduated from the Music Academy of Music of the Belarusian Academy of Music in Minsk (2005-2010) after which he joined the Music and Dance Faculty of the Academy of Performing Arts. Under the Erasmus program, he stayed at the Conservatorio di Musica G.B. in the academic year 2014/2015 and has also completed a work placement focused on marimba at the LUCA School of Arts in Belgian Leuven. He took part in the Belarus-Russia Master's courses in Moscow (2009) and Symposia in Trstěnice in the Czech Republic (2010). Already during his studies in Belarus, he won various competitions including 1st prize in the International Competition "Muzyka nadzei" (2004, Gomel, Belarus), 3rd prize in the Republican Contest "Marimba-marathon" (2006 , Minsk, Belarus), 2nd prize in the Republican Belarusian Snare drum-marathon competition (2007, Minsk, Belarus) and 3rd prize in the Republican Belarusian competition "Timpani-marathon" (2009). Even after he arrived in Prague, he won additional competitions such as 2nd prize at the International Competition "Eugen Coca" (2012, Chisinau, Moldova), 3rd prize at the International Percussion Competition " 2013, Montesilvano, Italy), 2nd prize at the International Competition "Giovani Musicisti" (2014, Treviso, Italy), 1st prize at the International Competition "Svirel" (2014, Štanjel, Slovenia) Gold Percussion Competition "(2016, Filadelfia, Italy). Last year, he entered the semifinals of the prestigious Asian contest "Jeju Percussion Competition" (Čedžu, Korea). Based on these achievements, he received a scholarship from the Special Fund of the President of the Republic of Belarus to support talented youth (2005) and the Czech Music Fund (2013 and 2015) scholarship. He has performed in 2009-2010 with the chamber orchestra of the Belarusian State Philharmonic Orchestra (Prague, 2014) and PKF - Prague Philharmonia (Prague, 2015). He participated as a percussion player of the Crossdrumming festival (2009, Warsaw, Poland), the International Drums Festival (2012 and 2014, Brno), the Lithuanian International Drums Festival (2013, Vilnius, Lithuania) and the International Festival "Days of Percussion "(2013, Montesilvano, Italy). His orchestral experience began with the National Academic Grand Theater of the Opera and Ballet of the Republic of Belarus in Minsk (2010-2011), passed through the Orchestral Academies of the PKF (2013-2014, 2016) and the Brno Philharmonic Orchestra (2014-2016). He is freelance performer with the Czech Philharmonic Orchestra (2015-2017). which s supported by the Life of the Artist Foundation and the Czech Music Fund Foundation.

Miro Tóth is a composer, performer, saxophonist and music theorist. He specializes in the musical performance of the audiovisual work (video clip, film music, videoart interacting with the music component ...), musical composition, 20th century music history to the present - including jazz, experimental musical expressions or metal, hardcore, punk, Noise music, etc.) He is active in concerts in Slovakia and abroad and he leads a series of music workshops. He has made the author's project Frutti di mare. He is the founder and artistic director of the Improvisation Symphony Orchestra Musica falsa et ficta. He has made his first CD with Dunkel Therapy, where he has written compositions in collaboration with composer Martin Burlas. He is actively involved in experimental music projects: Shibuya Motors and Q30J666222. His teammates include Shibuya Motors, Daniel Kordik (Urbsoubnds), Andrej Gál (Shibuya Motors), Michal Paľko (Trio for the interpretation of contemporary music), Ján Oriško (Dunkel Therapy), Dunkel Therapy, Martin Burlas (Dunkel Therapy), Marek Piaček (Musica falsa et ficta) and many others. In 2010 he collaborated with directors: Eva Krížová (Kinečko Magazine Spot), Ivan Ostrochovsky (Masahiko) and Roberto Kirchhoff (Ghost in Machine). In addition to pedagogical activities, he is currently an editor and manager at the Music Center in Bratislava.

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Echofluxx 17 is produced gratis by Efemera of Prague, a small group of dedicated international artists.  Please Click on the donate button below to help out.

Live Broadcast
with David Means and Michael Karman. Click on the photo below for pre-festival interviews and live festival broadcasts.

Ensemble Terrible

Ensemble Terrible (Prague) is comprised mostly of current students and graduates of the Music and Dance Faculty of Academy of Performing Arts in Prague and performs the music of the 21st century with an eye toward the future. ET focuses on introducing new listeners in alternative venues like Pragues MeetFactory, sites in Švehlovce and now at Paralelni Polis. For ET the division of genres between cultures high and low, good and bad lacks illigitimacy–what may seem "terrible" now may soon be considered beautiful. The ensemble presents new work of HAMU faculty and students while working cooperatively with students of dance and choreography. ET is conducted by Marek Šedivý and has performed the newe work of composers such as Jakub Rataj and Jan Ryant Dříza FaceBook yt

Program for Ensemble Terrible

z_e_n for shakuhachi (Marek Matvija) and live
electronics, piece
by Martin Klusák (hear)
Low by Petr Hora (World Premiere) (hear)

Exponential Joys for acousmatic media
by Matouš Hejl

Mysie mozgy by Miroslav Thot
(World Premiere) (hear)

Urkoppling for acousmatic media
by Martin Klusák
Tarantelle for percussion (Anton Ždanovič)
by Jakub Rataj (hear)

ET Program in Czech

Camilla Hoitenga

Flutist Camilla Hoitenga (Germany) is at home on stages all over the world, playing not only the C-flute but also the alto, bass, and piccolo flute and other varieties of her instrument. Her repertoire ranges from pre-Bach to post Stockhausen, from concertos to music for flute alone from state-of-the art pieces for live video and electronics and interdisciplinary projects. Her recordings, in particular those with Kaija Saariaho, have won awards in France, Great Britain and in North America. She has performed concertos written for her by composers such as Kaija Saariaho, Péter Köszeghy, Ken-Ichiro Kobayashi and Raminta Serksnyte and worked with conductors like Marin Alsop, Jukka-Pekka Saraste, Susanna Mälkki, Alan Gilbert, and Vladimir Jurowski in concert halls and important festivals all over the world. A frequent guest in Japan, and with a great interest in Japanese culture, she has also premiered dozens of pieces written for her by Japanese composers. Commissions for her own music and improvisation have come from painters and sculptors (e.g. Mutsumi Okada, Jörg Immendorff) as well as from galleries and museums. Camilla Hoitenga has taught at the State University of New York and at the Folkwang Hochschule Essen/Duisburg and continues to give masterclasses and workshops on various subjects for musicians of all ages. Her own flute teachers were Darlene Dugan, Alexander Murray, Peter Lloyd and Marcel Moyse. Further inspiration came especially from her work with Karlheinz Stockhausen in Cologne. Born in Grand Rapids, Michigan (USA), Camilla Hoitenga now lives in Cologne, Germany. and Sylva, North Carolina.

Program for Camilla Hoitenga

The Sands of Time for bass flute
by Miyuki Ito
Synchronie for two flutes with Lenka Kozerková
by Yoshihis Taďra (hear)
...Silbern for bass flute by Karola Obermüller (hear)

Beriliner Andenken for flute and fixed media
by David Means (hear)

Lenka Kozderková (Prague) is graduate of State Conservatory in Ostrava, Janacek´s Academy of Music and Performing Arts. She took part in several international courses of interpretation lead by Severino Gazzelloni, Maurice Bourgh, Sandor Vegh, Zuzana Ruzickova, Eli Eban. In 1994/95 she gained the annual scholarship of French government for the study at Ecole Normale de Musique de Paris Alfred Cortot at professor Christian Lardé. Since 1994 she has been a member of the Czech-French experimental group „Theatre Ensemble“ and of the musical-stage duo Goelan. Since 1995 she has been a member of the contemporary music ensemble Moens. She is a known interprete of contemporary music. She premiered many compositions of composers such as: Alois Piňos, Peter Graham, Jan Klusák, Ivana Loudová, Miroslav Pudlák, Hanuš Bartoň, Roman Zdeněk Novák, Arnošt Parsch, Michal Nejtek, Miroslav Srnka, Michal Rataj, Martin Marek, Sylva Smejkalová, Jaroslav Rybář, Pavel Zemek, Kateřina Růžičková, Lenka Kilic and some works were dedicated to her. She performs in the Czech Republic and abroad – France, Italy, USA, Germany, Spain, Hungary, Sweden, England. In 2007 she performed the Zeitmasse of Karlheinz Stockhausen at Carnegie Hall in New York. Since 1999 she has cooperated with the Foundation VIZE 97 of Dagmar and Václav Havel. She teaches at the Prague International Conservatory, International Mastercourse in Prague - Zbraslav and International Mastercourse in Teplice /Music without borders. yt

Still from Wilks and Barrat-Due's
"One Man, Eight Cameras" film.

Click photos to enlarge.

Albert Bayona is a visual artist and cultural promoter. Since 1986 he has been engaged in teaching at the School of Arts Leandre Cristňfol in Lleida. He was the director of this School between 1995-2000. His arts works involve many different disciplines like paintings, drawing, photography, video, digital technology and music. Between 1986 and 2000 he participated in the organisation of the Grants “Entrega” that Lleida’s town hall was giving. In addition, he was the artistic director of the Periferiat’s Gallery, the Museum “el Roser” and finally codirector of the Animac Animation Festival. He has benefited from the grants of the Catalan government “Generalitat de Catalunya”. His works have been presented in Taipei Fine Arts, Art Center La Panera, Museum Abelló, la Caixa Fundation, Museum Jaume Morera, Center Lectura, Espai Guinovart, Museum Patio Herreriano, CentroCentro Cibeles, MACBA auditorium, MEIAC, PetitGaleria, Gallery Sebastiŕ Petit, Gallery 44, Galerie Wedding or Hangar. Albert has participated in the following festivals: ARCO, Videoformes, New York International Independent Film and Video Festival, Split International Festival of New Film, Festival Signes de Nuit, LOOP Festival, Instantes de Paisaje CDAN, Athens Digital Arts Festival, Hamaca – Museo Reina Sofía 2015, or Madatac 07. In 1985 Bayona received the second prize of the XXIV International drawing prize, Fundation Joan Miró for his work Variacions per a una estčtica racional (1984). Later on in his career, in 2008, his audiovisualMonday to Friday  (2008) was the winner of the Vasudha Prize for the best environmental short film at the International Film Festival of India-Goa.

Isandro Ojeda-García (1989) was born in Sevilla.  At the age of six he started studiying musical theory and singing with his mother. He quickly joined the C.P.M. Francisco Guerrero, where he learned to play the saxophone with Miguel Romero Morán and Alfonso Romero Ramirez. With this latter, he was later initiated to composition. He’s currently studying with Michael Jarrell, Luis Naón and Eric Daubresse in Geneva’s Haute École de Musique. He worked on masterclasses and workshops with composers as Martín Matalón, Gabriel Erkoreka and Iván Fedele, receiving at the same time counsels from emerging younger composers such as Alberto Bernal, Daniel Zea or Pierre Jodlowski. His music was recently selectionated and programmed in such events as Forum Wallis 2014,  the XIIth Festival de Música Espańola de Cádiz, Festival Mixtur 2015, Monaco Électroacoustique 2015 or XVIIth Foro Internacional de Música Nueva de México D.F.

Ana Paola Santillan Alcocer has written for all genres of contemporary music from orchestral to chamber, chorus, solo instruments, electronic, video and installation. She has been performed by such ensembles and soloists as Gail Archer, Andy Costello, Duo Sonoris, Duo Harpverk, The Het Trio, the Enso, Camerton and Carlos Chavez String Quartets, Speculuum Musicae, the New York New Music Ensemble, Mexico’s National Symphony Orchestra, OFUNAM Philharmonic Orchestra, the Bellas Artes Chamber Orchestra, the Woodlands Symphony and the Shepherd School Chamber orchestra, among others. She is currently composer in residence for the McGill Contemporary Music Ensemble under the direction of conductor Guillaume Bourgogne. Some of her honors include first prize at the interdisciplinary competition “Spectacle des architectes et compositeurs” 2008 (Fontainebleau, France); winner of the Paul Cooper Prize in Composition 2008 (Rice University); 2nd prize in the Josef Dorfman Memorial International Composition Prize 2007 (Michelstadt, Germany); she earned the 2010 National Commission for Youth Orchestras (Mexico, Conaculta); the UNESCO-Aschberg Bursaries for Artists Programme; resident composer at the Virginia Center for the Creative Arts and works at several of the annual Foro Internacional de Musica Nueva Manuel Enriquez in Mexico City. Her piece NEMESIS, for orchestra, was selected to represent Mexico at the UNESCO 57th International Rostrum of Composers in Lisbon, Portugal (2010). NEMESIS was also performed by the National Symphony Orchestra at the Palace of Fine Arts in Mexico City. Her piece “Fractum” for flute, bass clarinet & piano is published by ALEA PUBLISHING & RECORDING. Most recently, her work “Oneirophrenia”, for video+electronics, was selected to be presented at several different concerts, such as: The NEW YORK CITY ELCTROACOUSTIC MUSIC FESTIVAL (NYCEMF); IMAGEN Y RESONANCIA concert series at Mar del Plata, Argentina; the ELECTRONIC MIDWEST MUSIC FESTIVAL at Lewis University, U.S.A.; the CIRCUIT BRIDGES concert series at Gallery MC in Manhattan, New York City; the N_SEME at the University of Oklahoma; the 27th Biannual International Electroacoustic Festival at Brooklyn College of CUNY, NY; the HERTZ NIGHT at the Espace Cercle Carré, Montreal, Quebec; the 2016 MUSINFO Art & Science Days in Bourges, France and at the G. F. Ghedini” State Conservatory of Cuneo, Italy. Ana Paola took part in the 2016 MANIFESTE festival at the Institut de Recherche et Coordination Acoustique/Musique (IRCAM), in Paris, France. Likewise, she has been a composition fellow at the Brevard Music Center (U.S.A.), the Czech American Summer Music Institute (Czech Republic), the Internationale Sommer MusikaKademie (Germany), the Fontainebleau Conservatory (France) and the Canadian Contemporary Music Workshop (Canada). She has recieved grants and fellowships such as the FULBRIGHT Scholarship; the Mary Ellen Hale Lovett Fellowship from Rice University; the Program for Foreign Studies Scholarship by the National Fund for Culture and Arts (FONCA, Mexico); the Graduate Excellence Fellowship, the Provost Fellowship and the Herbert A. Morse Memorial Scholarship from McGill University. Ana Paola is currently pursuing a doctoral degree in music composition, under the supervision of John Rea, at the Schulich School of Music, McGill University, in Montreal, Canada. Simultaneously, she has also been experimenting with electronic mediums at the McGill Digital Composition Studios, studying with Philippe Leroux. She enjoys exploring Multimedia and Visual Arts elements, adopting abstract and/or narrative components in order to combine electronic music with video. She holds the Master of Music degree, graduating Magna Cum Laude, from Rice University and received her LTCL Licentiate in music composition, with distinction, from Trinity College London. Her main composition teachers have been: Gerardo Taméz, Alejandro Velasco, Vincent Carver, Arthur Gottschalk and John Rea.
Charles Nichols is a composer, violinist, and computer music researcher who explores the expressive potential of instrumental ensembles, computer music systems, and combinations of the two, for the concert stage, and collaborations with dance, video, and installation art.  He teaches Composition and Creative Technologies at Virginia Tech, is a Faculty Fellow of the Institute for Creativity Arts and Technology, and previously taught at the University of Montana. He has earned degrees from the Eastman School of Music, Yale University, and Stanford University, where he studied composition with Samuel Adler, Martin Bresnick, Jacob Druckman, and Jonathan Harvey, and computer music with Jonathan Berger, Chris Chafe, Max Mathews, and Jean-Claude Risset.  His recent premieres include What Bends, for electric violin and interactive computer music in 3D immersive audio, accompanying narrated poetry, motion capture dance, animation, and processed video in 360ş projection, Epimetheus Gift, for amplified bassoon and computer in 3D immersive audio, inspired by the Swedish extreme metal band Meshuggah, Beyond the Dark, ambient synthesized sound for installation art and 3D projection, and Nicolo, Jimi, and John, a three movement concerto, for amplified viola, orchestra, and computer, celebrating the virtuosity of Paganini, Hendrix, and Coltrane.

Jay Bruns is an abstract audio/visual artist from Missoula, MT. His primary focus is the intersection of color, texture, rhythm and movement. His audio work includes analog percussion and the use of found sounds and textures. Visually, he mixes elements of nature and contrasts them with color and synthetic landscapes. In 2016, Jay provided live visuals and electronics during a North American tour with his band Modality. Jay collaborates with a variety of other musicians and artists, providing album artwork, videos for live performance, and audio remixes. Jay posts new work daily online. For more information, visit nojayart.com. Performed by Charles Nichols and Jay Bruns, at the Root Signals Festival, in Carter Recital Hall, at Georgia Southern University, Statesboro, GA, February 10, 2017.

Naren Wilks is an artist who creates short films, music videos and interactive artworks in order to explore an obsession with rotational symmetry. He has pioneered an image-making technique which involves the recording of live action from the combined perspectives of a multiple camera setup, to create a mind bending kaleidoscopic vision. His short films and music videos have picked up awards at film festivals worldwide. He was born in Yeovil in 1985 and lives in Bristol. 

Peder Barratt-Due is a composer and violinist, his young career includes highlights like solo violinist in the production of the opera Pollicino by H.W. Henze at the Norwegian Opera and Ballet (2009), national and international tours with the chamber orchestra Oslo Camerata and the Barratt Dues Junior Orchestra, first price as well as Musician of the Year at the Norwegian National Competition for Young Musicians (2011) and the scholars assignment award at Berklee College of Music (2016). As a recent composer he has had success having had his first orchestral debut with the piece Ulvetid, performed by Arctic Philharmonics (February, 2017). One Man, Eight Cameras being performed at Matera Intermedia (December 2016), NSEME2017 (March 2017) and Fagerborg Festspillene (April 2017), and his piece Fireflies for two violas scheduled to be premiered in Oslo, Norway (April 2017).

Still from Abbott's "Ways of Kissing" film.

Gabrielle Abbott is a multi-media artist from Seattle whose work explores feminism, sexuality and social justice. Her film “Ways of Kissing” examines intimacy in the public realm and explores how daily activities can be an artistic practice.  Abbott holds an MFA from University of the Arts, London and is a lecturer of Socially Engaged Art and Drawing at Antioch University, Seattle. In addition to directing the film, she performs in it alongside Barnaby Brookman a professional actor from Bristol, UK, known for his comedic and musical abilities. His recent projects include “No Point” a parody of the sports industry, and “Last Show Tonight” an original rock musical written and performed by Mr. Brookman. He is also the lead singer for the experimental punk band “Kichigai.”

Jue Wang (China) is a pianist and composer based in New York City. She is the founder and the artistic director of It’s A Secret Performance – a theater group that works on immersive music theater performances with surround sound system. Jue’s recent music compositions often combine of acoustic instrumental sound and pre-recorded electronic music. Through frequently presenting raw and physical sound materials in unusual close-up performance spaces, Her work intend to stimulate a sense of intimacy for the audience, which addresses the dialectic relationship between private and public in a performance. Apart from her sonic experiments, Jue’s recent compositions have been focusing on expanding the visual and the theatrical dimension of musical performance. Jue explores dramatic forms of performance including object-oriented performance, magic shows, sound sculptures and videos.  Her ongoing immersive theatrical project series, titled Bedroom Performances, intend to bring together all these theatrical and magical elements in the most immersive sense. Jue’s another focus is to work on experimental music performances with children in the age range from 6 to 12 years old. As a Ph.D. student, her academic research examines children’s relationship to abstract sound and experimental music. She seeks more opportunities to bring young performers and young audiences into the realm of experimental music. Jue has been honored with performances of her music throughout China, United States and Europe by ensembles including Jack Quartet, Talea ensemble, Momenta Quartet, Loadbang, Orchestra of the League of Composers, Krulik Quartet. She has also worked with established solo performers such as Thomas Buckner, Miranda Cuckson and William Lang. A review by Cleveland Classical in 2012 has described her as “having a sensitive ear and original voice … surely someone we will be hearing much about in the future”. In the same year, her chamber opera, Scholar, Monk, Snake, was selected by the Center for Contemporary Opera to be performed in NYC. Jue received her B.M. degree at Oberlin Conservatory and is currently pursuing her Ph.D. at New York University. Vimeo

David Means' (Minneapolis) graphic scores, installations and performance systems have been exhibited and presented by the Walker Art Center, IRCAM, Documenta IX, the Xi An Conservatory of Music (China), Het Stroomhuis (Holland), Logos Foundation (Belgium) and the Arts Council of Great Britain. He is currently an Associate Professor of Media and Fine Arts and producer of the Strange Attractors Festival of Experimental Intermedia Art at Metropolitan State University. David contributed greatly to Echofluxx 12 as a technician, performer, U-Stream interviewer and video-photo documentarian for Echofluxx 12-17 See David's site here.

Michael Karman (Spain) is the publisher, editor, and chief writer of Asymmetry Music Magazine, an online magazine devoted to contemporary music. Karman lives in Europe and around the United States after many years living in the Los Angeles area. He trained as a musician, is a novelist, and has taught writing for many years at university. He performs with the Echofluxx ensemble and is a incredible phtographer of Wisconsin ice. Here is a recent interview of Michael in a Portland publication.

Nicholas Senn is a Milwaukee-based artist born in Australia and trained in the US. He currently runs a sports promotional video service but has worked extensively as film hand, documentarian and experimental filmmaker. He has a degree in film from the Peck School of the Arts in Wisconsin.

Dan Senn (Prague-Wisconsin) is an intermedia artist working in music composition, kinetic sound sculpture, experimental and documentary film. He has been a professor of music and art in the United States and Australia. Dan travels internationally as a lecturer, performer and installation artist living in Prague where he directs the Echofluxx festivals, and Watertown, Wisconsin, the USA, with his partner- collaborator, Caroline Senn. Dan's work moves freely between expressive extremes and languages depending upon the aesthetic joust at hand. He studied music (composition, French Horn, conducting) and art (ceramics) at the University of Wisconsin at La Crosse with Truman Daniel Hayes, Leonard Stach and William Estes, and at the University of Illinois, Urbana (composition), with Salvatore Martirano, Ben Johnston and Herbert Brün. His music is published by Smith Publications of Baltimore. His work for "Any Three Treble Instruments In the Same Key," called "Rivus," was released in 2015 by Ravello Records, along with works by Scotto and Cage and performed by the McCormick Percussion Group. In 2017 his work "Four Psams Modal" was premiered by the Kuhn Choir of Prague, and his "Seven for Piano" was premiered in February 2017 by Caroline Senn in Wisconsin. Dan founded Newsense-Intermedium of Tacoma, Washington, and cofounded Roulette Intermedium of New York City. He is the artistic director of Echofluxx which he cofounded along with Anja Kaufmann in 2011.
Opening Performance Orchestra

Opening Performance Orchestra, performing Fraction Music XI
(see/hear at E17) at Echofluxx, is a seven-member ensemble moving within a large genre span – from 20th century electronic thrusts of the musical avant-garde as far as contemporary Japanese noise music. The ensemble´s own work is based on the so called fraction music, when the initial sound is digitally destroyed, fractured, and uncompromisingly rid of all its original attributes in the sense of the credo „no rhythms – no melodies – no harmonies“. The results are original compositions (such as Spring Ceremony or Fraction Music, Evenfall, Creeping Waves) as well as reinterpretations of other composers’ compositions that the ensemble feels to be in the same vain – like Inspirium Primum referring to the material by Hiroshi Hasegawa, a Japanese noise music representative, Re:Broken Music based on destroyed music of a Czech Fluxus artist Milan Knížák (also on CD by Sub Rosa with the title Broken/Rebroken), Chess Show as a distinctive John Cage reminiscence, Perceived Horizons, a tribute to musique concrčte, The Noise of Art and The Futuristic Soirée, originating from ideas and texts of Italian futurists and using authentic instruments called intonarumori. Peter Ferenc, of OPO, writes "When I was choosing musicians whose profiles shouldn’t be missing at Artyčok.tv I placed emphasis on continuity, untriteness, self-will in beating path, so called „international exchange“ and effect. Opening Performance Orchestra (OPO) is a group working with conceptual digital noise originating among others from premises and a procedure of avant-garde classical music. Musically it is the only one uncompromising group in the Czech Republic whose presentation completely made its way with respect both to conception and interpretation. In the Czech Republic it is still an unrecognized group with an international potential." OPO site. Other OPO Links -> Broken, reBroken, Broken, reBroken (2), Fraction Music VII (2014), Fraction Jungle (2014), Fraction Spectral (2013), The Noise of Art (2013), Creeping Waves (2010), Music for Fraction TV (2009), Fraction Music III (2008).

“We are living in a period in which many people have changed their mind about what the use of music is or could be for them. Something that doesn't speak or talk like a human being, that doesn't know its definition in the dictionary or its theory in the schools, that expresses itself simply by the fact of its vibrations. People paying attention to vibratory activity, not in reaction to a fixed ideal performance, but each time attentively to how it happens to be this time, not necessarily two times the same. A music that transports the listener to the moment where he is.” John Cage (1989)

Susan Hefner and Michael Evans

Susan Hefner and Michael Evans
(New York City)
(see/hear E17 Performance)
at Roulette Intermedium
in Brooklyn, New York this past fall. Susan Hefner's work grows from visual wit and ironic images, intended to deliver an irreverent message of freedom while lampooning societal rigidities. Zany images are brought to life through a feminist lens, and the dance language is drawn from physical manifestations of human emotions. Through a process of improvisation and revision she seeks a range of authentic expression, human and vulnerable. With composer and percussionist Michael Evans, the alchemy of living and creating together has produced another hybrid altogether. Creating duets as two equally visible interacting characters, they push each other’s theatrical boundaries. Michael enlarges and abstracts the natural movements of a musician in space while Susan’s fractured dancing results in sound-making. The instruments become symbols, sculpture, and objects of theater: barriers, islands, quagmires, garments, and tender gifts. See the trailer for "Round Square and Other Works" by MESH (collaborating improvisors Michael Evans, percussionist, and Susan Hefner, choreographer).

Echofluxx Ensemble

Echofluxx Ensemble (see/hear at E17) presents Sound-Houses: Floorpiece Five for electronic instruments, amplified scores, voice and projections. David Means– amplified scores, photography, and installation, Mary Garvie – narration, vocal effects, additional graphic scores, Michael Croswell – small electronics and video production, Michael Karman – small electronics, Oskar Kubica – small electronics. The Echofluxx Ensemble celebrates Francis Bacon’s 1627 text from “New Atlantis” with an intermedia performance installation for small electronic instruments, amplified scores, voice, and projections. Piezo transducers sample the vibrations of flexible wires attached to four-sided notational pyramids. The score suggests pitches and percussive actions reflecting the text and textures built out of time, frequency, and timbre shifts from piezos, voice, and small electronics. David Means (EE director) was born on the day the sound barrier was broken and has pursued a career of teaching and music composition since 1975. He has received numerous commissions, fellowships, and awards from the McKnight Foundation, the Bush Foundation, the Jerome Foundation, and the Minnesota Arts Board, among others. His works have been presented at festivals and venues including New Music America (Minneapolis, Hartford, Houston), IRCAM (Paris), Documenta 9 (Kassel), and Echofluxx12 (Prague).  He is completing a 35 year career at Metropolitan State University, St. Paul, where he founded the Strange Attractors Festivals of Experimental Intermedia Art as an Associate Professor of Music and Intermedia. Sound-Houses was supported by the American Composers Forum through the 2016 McKnight Composer Fellowship Program.

Still from Cristobal Catalan's "No Man's Land."

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Carson Rennekamp - "As a sound and video artist, I create meditative and abstract color field projections and organic electronic sounds that focus on color, repetition, and movement.I seek to find the beauty of the mundane. By creating meditative works I seek to challenge the way we see images and hear sounds. Through the warping and editing of previous materials, I give new meaning to old art. I'm influenced by the works of Brian Eno, William Basinski, Oneothrix Point Never and Mark Rothko, and as Rahikka I evoke the feelings of tranquility and patience. I graduated from Savannah College of Art and Design with his B.F.A. in Sound Design with minors in Film & Television and Art History and is currently a student at Seattle University where he is pursuing his M.F.A in Arts Leadership."

James Cathey, a California transplant, received his BA in Studio Art/Media Studies at Pitzer College and his MFA in Studio Art from the University of California, Santa Barbara. He is a multimedia sound, video, and performance artist who specializes in generative processes. He was the winner of the 2014 Arcanum Film Festival at D’Clinic Studios in Hungary, and spent April of 2016 as an artist-in-residence in Zalaegerszeg. He taught photography at San Jose State University in California as well as interned for several artists in the Los Angeles and New York areas, but considers the west central coast of Florida his true home. He is married and has two cats with his wife.

The compositions of David Jason Snow have been
performed in concert by the Ensemble Intercontemporain at the Centre Georges Pompidou in Paris, the New Juilliard Ensemble at the Museum of Modern Art in New York, the American Brass Quintet at the John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts in Washington, D.C., and many other artists and ensembles internationally. Snow has been the recipient of awards from the National Endowment for the Arts, the Maryland State Arts Council, the ASCAP Foundation, and BMI, and has been an artist resident at Yaddo in Saratoga Springs and the Millay Colony for the Arts in Austerlitz, New York. He holds degrees in music composition from the Eastman School of Music and Yale University where his principle teachers were Joseph Schwantner, Warren Benson, Samuel Adler, and Jacob Druckman. He currently resides in New York where he is a reference librarian at The Juilliard School.

Elisabeth Ajtay was born and raised behind the iron curtain and growing up in Western Germany, Elisabeth Ajtay is a conceptual artist primarily working in photography. Her work reflects and questions western culture with themes related to advertising, the psychological impacts of technology and the notion of home. Her multi-facetted practice is a reflection on her translation from growing up in, and, constantly moving between two different systems. Ajtay's work is in numerous private collections. She has exhibited throughout Europe and in the US, including inSPIRACJE and Art Moves Festival in Poland, Goethe Institutes in Morocco, Prague, New York and France. Museum shows include the MKK - Museum for Art and Cultural History Dortmund, Germany and Blue Star Contemporary in San Antonio, Texas. Most recently she has exhibited with Alter Space and Savernack Street in San Francisco, CA. The Ministry of Education and Training of Northrhine-Westphalia is working with her series “Zuhause/At Home” for educational purposes, encouraging dicsussions about the notion of belonging and nationality. Ajtay received a diploma in communications design from the University of Applied Sciences Dortmund and a MFA from the San Francisco Art Institute.

Joăo Pedro Oliveira completed a PhD in Music at the University of New York at Stony Brook. His music includes one chamber opera, several orchestral compositions, a Requiem, 3 string quartets, chamber music, solo instrumental music, electroacoustic music and experimental video. He has received numerous prizes and awards, including three Prizes at Bourges Electroacoustic Music Competition, the prestigious Magisterium Prize in the same competition, the Giga-Hertz Special Award, 1st Prize in Metamorphoses competition, 1st Prize in Yamaha-Visiones Sonoras Competition, 1st Prize in Musica Nova competition, etc.. He is Professor at Federal University of Minas Gerais (Brazil) and Aveiro University (Portugal). He published several articles in journals, and has written a book about analysis and 20th century music theory.

Brigid Burke is an Australian composer, performance artist, clarinet soloist, visual artist, video artist and educator whose creative practice explores the use of acoustic sound and technology to enable media performances and installations that are rich in aural and visual nuances. Her work is widely presented in concerts, festivals, and radio broadcasts throughout Australia, Asia, Brazil, Europe and the USA. Recently she has been a recipient of an Australia Council Project Music Fellowship & new work commissions ‘Coral Bells’ & “Instincts and Episodes’ also Artist in Resident at Marshall University USA with a Edwards Distinguished Professor Artist Residency 2015 &17with ensemble BHZ, Indiana University but  and ADM NTU Singapore. Also recently she presented works on the Big screen at Federation Square Melbourne, Tilde Festival, ABC Classic FM, International Media Festival Echofluxx in Prague and Generative Art Festivals GA19 Italy. She has a PhD in Composition from UTAS The University of Tasmania and a Master of Music in Composition from The University of Melbourne.


FamaQ PROGRAM - Karel Husa(*1921) (video), String Quartet no.4 “Poems” (1989), I. Bells, II. Sunlight, III. Darkness, IV. Hope, V. Wild Birds, VI. Freedom Daniel Matej (*1963) (video) Nice (2004/2011); Martin Burlas (*1955) (video) Panadol for string quartet and CD track (2006); Georg Friedrich Haas (*1953) (video), String Quartet no.5 (2007). Hong Kong New Music Ensemble PROGRAM - Sailing Along the Heart of Remembrance (video) by Austin Leung; Vexatious by Joungmin Lee (video); Vortex Illusion Mei-Fang Lin (video); Au Revoir, Svetozar by Rodney Waschka II (video); the hands we used to make were clay (video) by Sarah Westwood; Ding II by Stephen Yip (video). Mario va Horrik and Petra Dubach PROGRAM  - The Table Piece (video); Maciunas Ensemble PROGRAM - For Paul (video).  BITCOIN Cafe Performances PROGRAM - Marek Hlaváč (video); +x (video); Jiří Suchánek (video); Echofluxx Ensemble PROGRAM - Apropos of Not That (video).

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Echofluxx Ensemble, David Means, Director
Lucie Vítková, solo performance
John Keston, solo performance
Lenka Kozderková, work by Dan Senn
Lenka Kozderková, work by Lucie Vítková
Lenka and Markéta 1 of 2, ensemble work
Lenka and Markéta 2 of 2, ensemble work
Agnes Kutas 1 of 2, solo performance
Agnes Kutas 2 of 2, solo performance
Brigid Burke, solo performance
Phaerentz, solo performance
Dariusz Mazurowski, solo performance
Michal Kindernay, solo performance
Mark Zanter, solo performance
Puppenklinik Installation, Diana Winklerová
& Dan Senn (sound only)
Echofluxx 13 Video Documentation

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Michal Cáb and Peter Gonda,
OEM, Lucie Vtková and Jolana Havelková, Martin Blažíček and Michal Žboříl, Brigid Burke, Martin Janíček and Bethany Lachtorin, Michael Schumacher (intro), Jamchestra, Joanna Adamczewska, Echofluxx Ensemble, Michal Cimala, Frances Sander & Dima Borzon, and Yves Degoyan.


Echofluxx 12 Documentation
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EVERYDAY NATURE see gallery exhibition.

Presentations by Lukasz Szalankiewicz; Marcus Bergner with Marek Bouda; Daniel Hanzlik and Pavel Mrkus; Dan Senn; David Means; Toine Horvers with Marcus Bergner, Jose Pablo Estrada Torresca and Mojmir Pukl; Krzysztof Topolski, Anja Kaufmann and Kate Lee; George Cremaschi; Michal Cimala and Aleš Zemene.

"Sound Room" Installation see exhibition

early reflections concert: compositions by Michal Rataj;
Andrea Sodomka; Markéta Mazourová; Sylva Smejkalová with Quido Sen.

Festival Photos see slides

Echofluxx 11 Documentation

e11poster(Click on artist for video)
Phill Niblock
, Phill & Katherine Liberovskaya, Katherine & Al Margolis, Al Margolis, Michal Rataj, Michal and Ivan Boreš, Ivan Boreš, Peter Szely, Martin Janíček & Petr Ferenc, Martin Blažíček & Krzysztof Topolski, Anja Kaufmann & Frances Sander, George Cremaschi, Hana Železná, Petra Dubach & Mario van Horrik, Hearn Gadbois.
Echofluxx 11 site