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Tuesday, Sept. 13, 2022
Jakub Krejč
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A journey into the border between virtual and real worlds, imaginative fantasy landscapes and intuitive mind-spaces. Combines modular music programming with interactive audiovisual performance, live cinema and sound performance. Realized using spatial sound and image techniques. Website
Festival Performance

Evening's Events Curated by Ensemble Terrible

Tuesday, Sept. 13, 2022
Live Coding
Performance Video

we are barry wan, shaun bellamy, tareq abu-rahma & d. andrew stewart.
we invite you to the shared planet of Ur
dll rrrrrr beeeee b,
dll rrrrrr beeeee b fmms b,
    rrrrrr beeeee b fmms b w,
            beeeee b fmms b w t,
                       b fmms b w t z,
                           fmms b w t z Ur:
dll rrrrrr beeeee b fmms b w t z Ur

See video of recent Canadian performance.

+Wednesday, Sept. 14, 2022
Peter Wiessenthaner

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Augmented Reality
Electronic string instrument
played with hand gestures.

Instrument Descriptiion
Performance video
Artist site, bio, photo, YouTube
Festival Presentation

In cooperation with the
SKOP Festival, Frankfurt

Wednesday, Sept. 14, 2022
David Danel, Jan Burian, Jr. and
Martin Režn
Performance Video

This is the 12th year of the Echofluxx
media festivals cofounded by Anja Kaufmann and Dan Senn in the summer of 2011. The festival began in the "echoic chamber" of the old Trafacka Power Station, now razed, landing a few years later at Paraleln Polis. The early festivals hosted fluxes classics like Phill Niblock (US), Joanna Adamczewska (PL), Petra Dubach & Mario van Horrik (NL), Martin Janček (CZ) and Lucie Vtkov (CZ).
The fest leans toward experimental music, sound art and film yet often includes dance, poetry, documentary film, installation and gallery exhibitions. For thorough documentation of past 11 events, as 2020 was lost to COVID, click on the festival year at the top of this page. This year's festival is under the direction of Dan Senn.
Thursday, Sept. 15, 2022

Stratocluster (Prague) is an ensemble for multimedia improvisation established in Prague in 2013. They have since performed with many artists in various fields, e.g. Lucie Vtkov, Samuel Vriezen, Ritwik Banerji, and at concerts and festivals in both the Czech Republic and abroad (vs. Interpretation, Alternativa, A4 – Bratislava, postMutArt Fest Nitra, etc.). They have three releases under their belt: Tamanrasset (Signals from Arkaim, 2013), jabka hrušky meotary (Meteorismo, cassette), and ternagy (pol5, 2018), a utopian radio adventure. They often use overhead projectors and other audiovisual technology, as well as elements of text, song, speech, performance, etc. For Echofluxx, Stratocluster will devise a new performance inspired by the happenings of the Fluxus movement.