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The echo of the fluxus movement resonates in this time—a ongoing hedge against the exclusivity of discipline-specific art and music. Echofluxx, produced by artists with roots
in the fluxus movement, an annual festival of new media, art and music, presents a free spectrum of experimental art and has found kindred spirits with Paralelni Polis,
the Institute Cryptoanarchy, and Bitcoin Coffee all of which seek solutions constructively bypassing the exsiting order.


Festival Schedule

, May 3:
Echofluxx 17 International Film Festival  TBA; Opening Performance Orchestra (Prague); Presentations start on 3rd floor at 8p.

Thursday, May 4: Echofluxx 17 International Film Festival  TBA; Susan Hefner and Michael Evans, dance and sound (New York); Presentations start on 3rd floor at 8p.

Friday, May 5:
Ensemble Terrible (Prague); Echofluxx 17 International Film Festival in Paralelni Cafe TBA. Presentations start on 3rd floor at 8p.

Saturday, May 6: International Film Festival with works TBA; Echofluxx Ensemble directed by David Means; Camilla Hoitenga (Germany) with guest Lenka Kozderková (Czech); Presentations start on 3rd floor at 8p.

Středa 3. května: Echofluxx 17 International Film Festival s prací TBA. Opening Performance Orchestra (Praha); Prezentace začít ve 3. patře ve 20:00.

Čtvrtek 4.května: Echofluxx 17 International Film Festival s prací TBA; Susan Hefner a Michael Evans, tanec a zvuk, (New York); Prezentace začít ve 3. patře ve

Pátku 5 květen:
Ensemble Terrible (Prague);; Echofluxx 17 Mezinárodní filmový festival v Paralelní Cafe s prací TBA. Prezentace začít ve 3. patře ve 20:00.

Sobota 6 květen: Mezinárodní filmový festival s prací TBA; Echofluxx Ensemble s Davidem Meansa; Camilla Hoitengová (Německo); Prezentace začít ve 3. patře ve 20:00.

Echofluxx 17 Description

Echofluxx 17
is a festival of new media, visual art, and experimental music produced by Efemera of Prague. This year it will again present international and Czech performers in a four-day festival at Paralelní Polis in Prague, May 3-6, 2017.

Echofluxx 17 je festival nových médií, vizuálního umění a experimentální hudby produkované Efemera Prahy. Letos se opět představí mezinárodní i české interprety v čtyřdenním festivalem v Paralelní Polis v Praze, květen 2017 3-6.

Festival Concept
The echo of the fluxus movement resonates in this time—a ongoing hedge against the exclusivity of discipline-specific art and music. Echofluxx 17, a festival of new media, art and music, presents a spectrum of new art and music, from experimental film and poetry, to experimental music and art. It uses an organic curatorial method, with artists suggesting artists who would like to present with other artists, and so on. The festival is made possible with the assistance of volunteer help and in-kind support.

Ozvěna Fluxus pohybu rezonuje v tomto časovém o probíhající zajištění proti exkluzivity disciplíny-specifické umění a hudby. Echofluxx 17, festival nových médií, umění a hudby, představuje spektrum nového umění a hudby, od experimentálního filmu a poezie až po experimentální hudbu a umění. Využívá organické kurátorský metodu, s umělci, což naznačuje, umělce, kteří by chtěli prezentovat s dalšími umělci, a tak dále. Festival je možné s pomocí dobrovolníků pomoc a in-laskavou podporu.

The banner at the top of this page is from a larger work by composer, performer and visual artist Brigid Burke of Melbourne, Australia.


Donate to Echofluxx 17

Echofluxx 17 is produced gratis by Efemera of Prague, a small group of dedicated artists.  Please Click on the donate button below to help out.

Live Broadcast
with David Means and Michael Karman. Click on the photo below for pre-festival interviews and live festival broadcasts.

Camilla Hoitenga

Flutist Camilla Hoitenga (Germany) is at home on stages all over the world, playing not only the C-flute but also the alto, bass, and piccolo flute and other varieties of her instrument. Her repertoire ranges from pre-Bach to post Stockhausen, from concertos to music for flute alone from state-of-the art pieces for live video and electronics and interdisciplinary projects. Her recordings, in particular those with Kaija Saariaho, have won awards in France, Great Britain and in North America. She has performed concertos written for her by composers such as Kaija Saariaho, Péter Köszeghy, Ken-Ichiro Kobayashi and Raminta Serksnyte and worked with conductors like Marin Alsop, Jukka-Pekka Saraste, Susanna Mälkki, Alan Gilbert, and Vladimir Jurowski in concert halls and important festivals all over the world. A frequent guest in Japan, and with a great interest in Japanese culture, she has also premiered dozens of pieces written for her by Japanese composers. Commissions for her own music and improvisation have come from painters and sculptors (e.g. Mutsumi Okada, Jörg Immendorff) as well as from galleries and museums. Camilla Hoitenga has taught at the State University of New York and at the Folkwang Hochschule Essen/Duisburg and continues to give masterclasses and workshops on various subjects for musicians of all ages. Her own flute teachers were Darlene Dugan, Alexander Murray, Peter Lloyd and Marcel Moyse. Further inspiration came especially from her work with Karlheinz Stockhausen in Cologne. Born in Grand Rapids, Michigan (USA), Camilla Hoitenga now lives in Cologne, Germany. and Sylva, North Carolina.

Lenka Kozderková (Prague) is graduate of State Conservatory in Ostrava, Janacek´s Academy of Music and Performing Arts. She took part in several international courses of interpretation lead by Severino Gazzelloni, Maurice Bourgh, Sandor Vegh, Zuzana Ruzickova, Eli Eban. In 1994/95 she gained the annual scholarship of French government for the study at Ecole Normale de Musique de Paris Alfred Cortot at professor Christian Lardé. Since 1994 she has been a member of the Czech-French experimental group „Theatre Ensemble“ and of the musical-stage duo Goelan. Since 1995 she has been a member of the contemporary music ensemble Moens. She is a known interprete of contemporary music. She premiered many compositions of composers such as: Alois Piňos, Peter Graham, Jan Klusák, Ivana Loudová, Miroslav Pudlák, Hanuš Bartoň, Roman Zdeněk Novák, Arnošt Parsch, Michal Nejtek, Miroslav Srnka, Michal Rataj, Martin Marek, Sylva Smejkalová, Jaroslav Rybář, Pavel Zemek, Kateřina Růžičková, Lenka Kilic and some works were dedicated to her. She performs in the Czech Republic and abroad – France, Italy, USA, Germany, Spain, Hungary, Sweden, England. In 2007 she performed the Zeitmasse of Karlheinz Stockhausen at Carnegie Hall in New York. Since 1999 she has cooperated with the Foundation VIZE 97 of Dagmar and Václav Havel. She teaches at the Prague International Conservatory, International Mastercourse in Prague - Zbraslav and International Mastercourse in Teplice /Music without borders. yt

David Means (Minneapolis) graphic scores, installations and performance systems have been exhibited and presented by the Walker Art Center, IRCAM, Documenta IX, the Xi An Conservatory of Music (China), Het Stroomhuis (Holland), Logos Foundation (Belgium) and the Arts Council of Great Britain. He is currently an Associate Professor of Media and Fine Arts and producer of the Strange Attractors Festival of Experimental Intermedia Art at Metropolitan State University. David contributed greatly to Echofluxx 12 as a technician, performer, U-Stream interviewer and video-photo documentarian for Echofluxx 12-17 See David's site here.

Michael Karman (Spain) is the publisher, editor, and chief writer of Asymmetry Music Magazine, an online magazine that is devoted to contemporary music. Karman lives in Europe and Oregon after many years living in the Los Angeles area. He trained as a musician, is a novelist, and has taught writing for many years at university. Here is a recent interview of Michael in a Portland publication.

Nicholas Senn is a Milwaukee-based artist born in Australia and trained in the US. He currently runs a sports promotional video service but has worked extensively as film hand, documentarian and experimental filmmaker. He has a degree in film from the Peck School of the Arts.

Dan Senn (Prague-Wisconsin) is an intermedia artist working in music composition, kinetic sound sculpture, experimental and documentary film. He has been a professor of music and art in the United States and Australia. Dan travels internationally as a lecturer, performer and installation artist living in Prague where he directs the Echofluxx festivals, and Watertown, Wisconsin, the USA, with his partner- collaborator, Caroline Senn. He studied music and art at the University of Wisconsin at La Crosse with Truman Daniel Hayes and Leonard Stach, and at the University of Illinois, Urbana, with Salvatore Martirano, Ben Johnston and Herbert Brün. His music is published by Smith Publications of Baltimore. His work for "Any Three Treble Instruments In the Same Key," called "Rivus," was released in 2015 by Ravello Records, along with works by Scotto and Cage and performed by the McCormick Percussion Group. Dan founded Newsense-Intermedium of Tacoma, Washington, and cofounded Roulette Intermedium of New York City and is the artistic director of Echofluxx.



Opening Performance Orchestra

Foto: JSM

Opening Performance Orchestra (Prague) is a seven member ensemble which moves within a large genre span – from 20th century electronic thrusts to contemporary Japanese noise music. The ensemble´s own work is based on "fraction music" where the initial sound is digitally destroyed, fractured, and uncompromisingly rid of its original attributes imeaning „no rhythms – no melodies – no harmonies“. The results are original compositions (such as Spring Ceremony or Fraction Music, Evenfall, Creeping Waves) as well as reinterpretations of other composers’ compositions that the ensemble feels to be in the same vain – like Inspirium Primum referring to the material by Hiroshi Hasegawa, a Japanese noise music representative, Re:Broken Music based on destroyed music of a Czech Fluxus artist Milan Knížák, Chess Show as a distinctive John Cage reminiscence, Perceived Horizons, a tribute to musique concrčte, The Noise of Art and The Futuristic Soirée, originating from ideas and texts of Italian futurists and using authentic instruments called intonarumori.

Susan Hefner and Michael Evans

Susan Hefner and Michael Evans
(above) at Roulette Intermedium
in Brooklyn, New York this past fall. Susan Hefner's work grows from visual wit and ironic images, intended to deliver an irreverent message of freedom while lampooning societal rigidities. Zany images are brought to life through a feminist lens, and the dance language is drawn from physical manifestations of human emotions. Through a process of improvisation and revision she seeks a range of authentic expression, human and vulnerable. With composer and percussionist Michael Evans, the alchemy of living and creating together has produced another hybrid altogether. Creating duets as two equally visible interacting characters, they push each other’s theatrical boundaries. Michael enlarges and abstracts the natural movements of a musician in space while Susan’s fractured dancing results in sound-making. The instruments become symbols, sculpture, and objects of theater: barriers, islands, quagmires, garments, and tender gifts. See the trailer for "Round Square and Other Works" by MESH (collaborating improvisors Michael Evans, percussionist, and Susan Hefner, choreographer).

Echofluxx Ensemble presents Sound-Houses: Floorpiece Five for electronic instruments, amplified scores, voice and projections. David Means– amplified scores, photography, and installation, Mary Garvie – narration, vocal effects, additional graphic scores, Michael Croswell – small electronics and video production, Michael Karman – small electronics, Oskar Kubica – small electronics. The Echofluxx Ensemble celebrates Francis Bacon’s 1627 text from “New Atlantis” with an intermedia performance installation for small electronic instruments, amplified scores, voice, and projections. Piezo transducers sample the vibrations of flexible wires attached to four-sided notational pyramids. The score suggests pitches and percussive actions reflecting the text and textures built out of time, frequency, and timbre shifts from piezos, voice, and small electronics. David Means (EE director) was born on the day the sound barrier was broken and has pursued a career of teaching and music composition since 1975. He has received numerous commissions, fellowships, and awards from the McKnight Foundation, the Bush Foundation, the Jerome Foundation, and the Minnesota Arts Board, among others. His works have been presented at festivals and venues including New Music America (Minneapolis, Hartford, Houston), IRCAM (Paris), Documenta 9 (Kassel), and Echofluxx12 (Prague).  He is completing a 35 year career at Metropolitan State University, St. Paul, where he founded the Strange Attractors Festivals of Experimental Intermedia Art as an Associate Professor of Music and Intermedia. Sound-Houses was supported by the American Composers Forum through the 2016 McKnight Composer Fellowship Program


FamaQ PROGRAM - Karel Husa(*1921) (video), String Quartet no.4 “Poems” (1989), I. Bells, II. Sunlight, III. Darkness, IV. Hope, V. Wild Birds, VI. Freedom Daniel Matej (*1963) (video) Nice (2004/2011); Martin Burlas (*1955) (video) Panadol for string quartet and CD track (2006); Georg Friedrich Haas (*1953) (video), String Quartet no.5 (2007). Hong Kong New Music Ensemble PROGRAM - Sailing Along the Heart of Remembrance (video) by Austin Leung; Vexatious by Joungmin Lee (video); Vortex Illusion Mei-Fang Lin (video); Au Revoir, Svetozar by Rodney Waschka II (video); the hands we used to make were clay (video) by Sarah Westwood; Ding II by Stephen Yip (video). Mario va Horrik and Petra Dubach PROGRAM  - The Table Piece (video); Maciunas Ensemble PROGRAM - For Paul (video).  BITCOIN Cafe Performances PROGRAM - Marek Hlaváč (video); +x (video); Jiří Suchánek (video); Echofluxx Ensemble PROGRAM - Apropos of Not That (video).

(Click on artist for sound/video)

Phill Niblock
(New York-Ghent)
Bob Ostertag (San Francisco)

Jaap Blonk (Holland)
Joanna Hoffmann (Berlin-Poznan)

David Danel (Prague) performing works by
Jakub Rataj
(Prague) with Helena Šťávová
(Prague) and Markéta Jandová (Prague).

Echofluxx Ensemble performing the
vs. Intrepretation book (Agosto Foundation)
with David Means (Minneapolis), Oscar
Kubica (Prague), Michael Karman (Spain)
and Ladislav Železny (Prague).

See photo documentation of E15!

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Echofluxx Ensemble, David Means, Director
Lucie Vítková, solo performance
John Keston, solo performance
Lenka Kozderková, work by Dan Senn
Lenka Kozderková, work by Lucie Vítková
Lenka and
Markéta 1 of 2, ensemble work
Lenka and Markéta 2 of 2, ensemble work
Agnes Kutas 1 of 2, solo performance
Agnes Kutas 2 of 2,
solo performance
Brigid Burke, solo performance
Phaerentz, solo performance
Dariusz Mazurowski, solo performance
Michal Kindernay
, solo performance
Mark Zanter, solo performance
Puppenklinik Installation, Diana Winklerová
& Dan Senn (sound only)

Echofluxx 13 Video Documentation

(Click on artist for video)
Michal Cáb and Peter Gonda,
OEM, Lucie Vtková and Jolana Havelková, Martin Blažíček and Michal Žboříl, Brigid Burke, Martin Janíček and Bethany Lachtorin, Michael Schumacher (intro), Jamchestra, Joanna Adamczewska, Echofluxx Ensemble, Michal Cimala, Frances Sander & Dima Borzon, and Yves Degoyan.


Echofluxx 12 Documentation
    (Click on artist for video)

EVERYDAY NATURE see gallery exhibition.

Presentations by Lukasz Szalankiewicz; Marcus Bergner with Marek Bouda; Daniel Hanzlik and Pavel Mrkus; Dan Senn; David Means; Toine Horvers with Marcus Bergner, Jose Pablo Estrada Torresca and Mojmir Pukl; Krzysztof Topolski, Anja Kaufmann and Kate Lee; George Cremaschi; Michal Cimala and Aleš Zemene.

"Sound Room" Installation see exhibition

early reflections concert: compositions by Michal Rataj;
Andrea Sodomka; Markéta Mazourová; Sylva Smejkalová with Quido Sen.

Festival Photos see slides

Echofluxx 11 Documentation

e11poster(Click on artist for video)
Phill Niblock
, Phill & Katherine Liberovskaya, Katherine & Al Margolis, Al Margolis, Michal Rataj, Michal and Ivan Boreš, Ivan Boreš, Peter Szely, Martin Janíček & Petr Ferenc, Martin Blažíček & Krzysztof Topolski, Anja Kaufmann & Frances Sander, George Cremaschi, Hana Železná, Petra Dubach & Mario van Horrik, Hearn Gadbois.
Echofluxx 11 site