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Echofluxx 13 is an underground festival offered free to patrons. It is produced gratis by Efemera of
Prague and a small group of dedicated artists, Anja Kaufmann (CH), Dan Senn (US), Caroline Daniel (Australia),
Petra Vlachynská (CZ), Diana Winklerová (CZ), Blanka Švédová (CZ), Lucie Šmardová (CZ), David Means (US)
 and Sylva Stejskalová (CZ). The festival is made possible by inkind contributions of audio and video equipment
from Prague art & music schools, local businesses, individual artists and art organizations. Trust and verbal
agreements are key to the organization and amazingly effective. Artists sometimes receive funding from
international government agencies for travel. When traveling artists arrive, they are put up in volunteer homes.
There is a open bar for the festival which raises some money. But Efemera is mostly on its own to produce
a festival representing the current state of new media, music and art internationally in one of the greatest of
all cities—and we need your help. Once everyone was paid, not a crown was left. Unlike so many other edgy
festivals, we pay our performers. The money we raise through contributions is simply divided amongst the presenters.
So please click on the donate button below
and send us what ever you can. All contributors will be listed in the
festival program. Those contributing over $50 will be sent a DVD of the festival presentations. If you contribute
$1000 or more, we will also find you a place to stay during the festival which would save you
the cost of a hotel in Prague.

Echofluxx 13

Efemera of Prague